I am unstoppable! Continuing my passion: My course hair styling at the Dutch Beauty Academy.

Hi friends,

Happy that you read my blog post again. How is my makeup artist career going? Wel quite well, I am actually unstoppable. I have a lot makeup jobs now. If you have a passion, then you become unstoppable. And this is what I feel now.

I have discovered that a makeup artist need to be a hair stylist as well to become all round. Yes it cost some money, we look at it as a valuable investment if you want to position yourself well in this business.

In November I did a 3 day course at the Dutch Beauty Academy. I was amazed what I have been thought in a small period of time. This tasted good and I wanted more. I thought I would not have this much affinity with hair, but apparently I have discovered an other talent of myself.

People have rented me several times for beautiful braids or gala-hair styles. I have been hired a few times for people who want party hair styles. During the extensive hair styling course at Dutch Beauty Academy you don’t only learn to create avant garde hair styling (for fashion shows), but also hair styles for people who go to parties. Such as gala and bridal hair styling. It is great to release your creativity this way.

I think hair styling is much more difficult than makeup. I think it’s more technical somehow. It’s like building a house. The fundament has to to be good in order to create a beautiful solid hair style.

What did I have to buy? Well a lot! Brushes, curling irons in different sizes and lot of bobby pins and other kind of pins. The doll to practice on was already about EUR 150. But this way you have a faithful friend always within reach to help you out. The course itself is about EUR EUR 1.500 and then you have to think about the costs for the material you need around EUR 500.

Here are a few hair styles I made. Which one do you like?

Xxx Vandana

This one is made by Silvia, my teacher    

These last hair styles are made by my teacher Silvia

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