Time management. A makeup artist with 5 kids, 2 dogs, 3 cats and a husband! How does she do this all?!

Hi all!

Time management is still somewhat of an issue for me. I seem to run out of time each day and don’t get my tasks done. So I was wondering how a makeup artist does what she does with 5 kids, 2 dogs, 3 cats and 1 husband!

I met this ‘busy’ colleague Annemieke during a shoot. It was for both of us of the first TFP-shoots. (TFP is an abbreviation for Time for Print and means you get paid with pictures.) So during this shoot I met a new friend: Annemieke. She is very driven and does a lot makeup artist work.

Annemieke, why did you choose to do the makeup course at Dik Peeters?

“To be honest, my first choice was House of Orange, but this makeup school was fully booked up until 2018. I knew that Dik Peeters had a good name. I called more makeup schools to get more information. I had a nice phone call with Amber (owner of the school) and I started the very same week.”

What did you do before this course?

“Haha, what haven’t I done before? To keep it short: After a lot of internships abroad I startet to work for a tour operator. I created a lot of trips. I studied Tourism, then I have completed a PR and media study. I did more in the direction of communication. In the end I specialized graphic design. And also I keep myself occupied with new house styles, packings and logo’s.”

What are your ambitions?

“If I go for something, I go with all my guts. I am very creative, and therefore I hope to get the possibility to create a lot of extreme things. I also want to get more experience with styling. How cool would it be if I can work all round? I could do anything! Makeup, hair, styling and even the photography.”

All round? Makeup, hair, styling and photography? That is maybe too much An!

Ok so tell me, how do you make it with 5 kids, 2 dogs, and 3 cats and 1 husband?

“Very nice that I get this question a lot. For the Viva I also did an interview, they also were curious about how I do these thing. First of all I should be very happy that I have adorable kids. They also do speeches at school about makeup artistry. I have easy kids, otherwise I would not have 5.

It’s always hectic at our place. But I love it. I would not want it in an other way. But you have to be able to handle all the pressure. Planning is very important. Besides all the sport events, kids things, pets and our own business I want to let my dream also come true. Happy to have an amazing husband, who wants the best for me. He helps me in realizing anything I want. It means that he has to handle the kids now more often. And he even makes delicious meals. So I can enjoy these!”

Great An, you are a great example for me. I have so much less activities, but if I see you doing this, I get inspired!

For this Geisha shoot she did the hair, make-up and styling all by herself!

This vintage shoot was one of her first paid assignments for Missvintage.nl


For this movie, she turned a man into a woman!

One of her first unpaid shoots

With love, Vandana

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