A “Red Fashion Shoot”. This shoot reminds of expressing your femininity.

Hi all,

A few weeks ago I did the hair and makeup for a photo shoot with an ambitious photographer of the University of Applied Photography in Amsterdam and 2 gorgeous models. Cinta took the initiative and created a nice team. This blog post is about the photographer and one of the models.

Cinta is a photographer from Amsterdam with a passion for ‘edgy fashion’. She endeavors the creation of images which are distinguishing, colorful and expressive. Modern art, fashion, branding and performance art are her biggest sources of inspiration. At this moment Cinta is a student photographer at the University of Applied Photography in Amsterdam, her online portfolio can be found at http://www.cintajanssen.com.

Cinta works as a consultant in Amsterdam. It seems pretty busy to me to combine this all. But probably her passion will bring her far. See Cinta below:

One of the models was Cerise. I found her story pretty unique. She does so many things and here is what she tells about herself.

“I started in 2010 with performances as a Burlesque dancer and fire-artist (Yes, I spit fire!) and got more and more involved with pinup and boudoir photography. As a young girl I was fascinated by women as Bettie Page and Dita von Teese, the femme fatale.

In 2014 I started with my webshop Empire Elegance. Unique vintage clothing, accessories, and other items which breathe femininity and elegance. I believe in the attraction of woman. Women should celebrate their femininity! You can reach to anything only if you are convinced!

My company Empire Elegance and Burlesque means a ‘way of living’ to me. I want to inspire women. Since a short period I started with boudoir photography. This is a form of photography which shows sensuality and sensitivity of woman. You can create a beautiful image if you can capture these two sides.

Just do not forget that everything starts with the inside. If you feel good it shows off on the outside. You can style this with make up, clothing and high heels.

Just take a look on my website: http://www.bureauburlesque.com. Here you can find the nicest workshops for – among others – hen do’s, pole dancing and salsa solo. And look at my webshop http://www.empire-elegance.com.”

I told Cerise: some women do not dress that elegant in the Netherlands. Cerise reminds me that it is OK to show off your femininity . We as woman in the Netherlands think to often that the way to dress is ‘too much’. We keep it somehow to minimalistic. But no, if I see the shoot I think: it’s beautiful, femininity captured in a picture.

Next blogpost will be about the other model (Maartje) who also did the styling for this shoot.

With love, Vandana

Enjoy the pics below:

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