Quick Laser Hair Removal Facts

You might have heard all about laser hair removal. There are, after all, plenty of claims out there that it is the best way to get rid of unwanted hair for good. But before you sign up for the procedure here are some quick laser hair removal facts you should know.

The basics of how the procedure works

The laser used during the treatment is able to track the dark pigment of the hair, essentially following it down through the skin to the root. That root is also called a follicle. The laser device hits the follicle and heats it up, causing a lot of damage. It’s that damage that either prevents the hair from growing back entirely or at least slows down the process a lot.

Multiple treatments will be necessary to removal all the hair

The process of removing hair with lasers is going to be an ongoing one, at least at first. Initial treatments will remove large amounts of hair. However, later treatments will do the most damage to the follicles themselves, preventing regrowth for a while, if not permanently.

It’s generally recommended that an initial round of laser hair treatment consist between 6 and 12 sessions spread over several months. Facial hair treatments are usually done about once a month, while body hair treatments might be as much as two months apart. That being said, each individual case varies. So, you will need to come up with a treatment plan that will work best for you based on the recommendations of your technician or treatment clinic staff.

The hair might eventually grow back

Many hair follicles will permanently stop producing hair after treatment. However, some of them may suddenly start to regrow hair a long time after treatment. That new hair is likely to be lighter than the old hair. So, you might find yourself signing up for more laser hair treatments years later, or simply removing the remaining hair using conventional methods. Nevertheless, even in the worst case scenario, you will still have far less hair growth than when you started.


Almost any body parts can be treated

The great thing about these treatments is that they can be done almost anywhere on your body. They are not limited in the same ways that wrinkle removal treatments might be. However, they can’t be used to remove hair from inside ear or nose cavities. Depending on your individual situation, there may be other limitations. Your technician will be able to confirm which areas you can have treated.

Your skin type doesn’t matter, your hair type might.

Some skincare treatments only work on certain skin types. That isn’t the case with most hair removal treatments. Instead, they are mostly limited by hair color. The lasers have an easier time targeting darker hair. So, particularly if your hair is light, you may need to explore other options or find a specialist to assist you. These days laser hair removal is an option for light skinned people with light hair and people with dark skin. Back in the days only light skinned people with dark hair could have save hair laser treatments, but as said nowadays there is hair laser treatment for almost everyone.

One thing is absolutely certain. If you have laser treatment to remove your unwanted hair, you will be better off than if you have no treatment. It’s true that you may still need to shave certain areas on occasion. But you won’t have to shave, wax, or pluck hair off of your body nearly as much or as often.

Are you considering hair removal with laser treatments? Or do you have experiences to share?


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