New make-up purchases – review

Hi my friends!


I wanted to share my shop experience with you all at the Il Maquillage store. I was not familiar with this brand before, and had never bought anything there until I recently bought some new make up. I was looking for a shape kit which they did not seem to sell there. But then this nice salesman, who also happened to be an excellent make-up artist, shaped some contours in my face simply with a darker colour of foundation. The foundation left a powdery finish. I really liked it. The colour also looked good on my skin. It felt like an extra tan, which maked my skin look healthier. What also caught my attention is that the foundation didn’t come off.

Over the past decade I have stayed faithful to my Chanel Vitalumiere. I will still stay faithful to this foundation but have now bought another one so that I may alternate. Unfortunately I didn’t bring my mirror reflex camera to the shop, but I have included a picture we made with a mobile phone in the shop. As much as I like the structure of this new foundation, I will keep on using Chanel Vitalumiere more often than this new one, as I prefer the healthy glow it gives to my face. There really is no foundation other than the one by Chanel which completely does it for me.


I really think that foundation can be seen as an essential part of your day care. Why? Because it forms an extra layer on your skin which not only protects you against air pollution but may also act as a sun protector as most foundations contain a sun protection factor. However CLEAN your face thoroughly every single night before hitting the sheets.

Another thing I bought was a mineral powder, which is a bronzer that has been ‘baked’. It contains minerals and you can ‘layer’ it on your face to make it as intense as you want.


The new foundation comes in a small bottle. It’s light and easy to travel with. It doesn’t come off and has a soft finish.

This nice make-up artist did his make-up studies at the make-up school of Miki Bouganim. I also attended a make-up lesson at his school but because my Hebrew is still too poor Miki advised me to attend the full course later.

The price of these products are:

Mineral bronzer: NIS 146 (EUR 33)

Foundation: NIS 168 (EUR 38)





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2 Comments on New make-up purchases – review

  1. jeapiebel
    13 October 2015 at 09:22 (4 years ago)

    Make-up les dat lijkt me geweldig!

    • Vandana
      13 October 2015 at 20:20 (4 years ago)

      Dank voor je comment! Ik ga binnenkort een make-up cursus doen van dit merk dus ik ga mijn kennis delen! Goed nieuws dus 😉


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