My second makeup lesson with a pretty model

Hi there!

Well it was a bit harder than I thought, finding a white model that was no older than 35 and available on a Monday afternoon! All my friends from Amsterdam work on Mondays of course. Yet i managed, after apping a lot of people, to arrange a lovely model for my second makeup lesson. It’s a friend of the girlfriend of my cousin Revien. I will tell you more about her later.

The lesson started with a theoretic part by Amber Peeters, the owner of this prestigious school. She is the niece of the original owner, Dik Peeters. Famous Dutch makeup artists like Marie van der Ven and Ellis Faas were educated here. We talked about different shapes of faces and Amber explained the differences between blush and shapers. Colour and functionality are the main differences as far as I understood.


One of the most interesting things Amber mentioned is that shaping only needs to be used for photo shoots and moreover for front shots of the face. So basically not as daily makeup. It can look a bit spotty, if not applied well. Shaping is definitely not something new but recently very hyped-up by Kim Kardashian. That’s how girls started to use this technique daily. I would actually advise just to use a blush and to be careful with shaping. You have to take into account the shape of your face, and as said before it is actually only meant for photography. Although I find that some youtubers apply it very professionally, keeping in mind the shape or their face, without exclusively using it for pictures.

Our homework is to get as much inspiration as we can from old fashion magazines. We need to learn about different time period. We need to collect pictures from old fashion magazines, such as Vogue. So please think about me should you know anything.Vogue-vintage-tijdschriften

Back to the practical part of the lesson. I did not know Lalita, so I was a bit nervous. I was so happy to have an instant click with her and she liked to be a model as well. She has a beautiful olive coloured skintone because of her Portuguese roots. I mingled two colours, one dark and one light. With soft tapping motions I tried to get a smooth covered face.

Lalita is a lecturer in English and I could notice that she has a very critical view. She noticed if the symmetry was not correct and gave me some advice. Very nice when a model thinks along with you.

Lalita before:


Now it was all about the eyes. First the classical kohl pencil. By applying this in a very light way with little dots on the eyelid close tot the lashes, you can fade this line to create a subtle eye shadow a very neutrally for a classical look.

IMG_1652 IMG_1649

A completely different look can be made with strong pink eye shadow. This look was inspired by the eighties. The difficulty with wet eye shadow is that you have to work fast with it otherwise it dries. So you need to practise your technique over and over. The inner corners of the eye we filled in with red dry eye shadow and for the finishing touch we used a golden highlighter!

IMG_1654 IMG_1675 IMG_1678

See u soon! Thanks for reading. Please leave a comment on this page!

XX Van


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4 Comments on My second makeup lesson with a pretty model

    • Vandana
      21 April 2016 at 07:35 (4 years ago)

      Dank cath!

  1. jeapiebel
    1 May 2016 at 18:39 (4 years ago)

    Volgens mij heb je hier heel veel bij geleerd, als ik youtube kijk zal ik ook niet denken dat shaping alleen bedoelt is voor fotoshoot is. Die fel roze dat je gebruik vind ik best mooi.

    • Vandana
      25 January 2017 at 16:52 (3 years ago)

      Dat is zo meid! Dank voor je reactie en dat je me volgt ik heb een tijd niet geblogd maar daar komt nu verandering in. xxx


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