A new production for Men’s Health NL with three inspiring successful young men.

Hi friends,

Normally I post on Thursdays, but I did not feed good so that’s why I post a bit later.

A few weeks ago I got the chance to do men makeup for men’s Health again. This time some new men got half naked again: Tim Haars, Nigel van der Horst and Jelmer der Boer. Wow what a heavy job I’ve got ;). To be honest I did not know Nigel and Jelmer, so I Googled them. I found out that these two men are well known social media entrepreneurs and they do have lots of followers on Instagram.

Jelmer de Boer

Jelmer is – among other – blogging about nice recipes. I read some of his blog. I have to say that his way of writing is kinda direct, but it stays in your memory. I saw a lovely recipe for a Dutch hotchpot. Gotta make this one someday. Ooo and what a handsome guy is this Jelmer. Great body and because I fixed his hair I took a close look. I really like this special natural blond shades. Jelmer is still very young and has a beautiful skin. However, he just came back from Bali and had been laying in the sunbathing. You know what happens if white people sit in the sun? These people get red before they get a sun burn. It was a challenge to get an even skin tone, but I am curious about the results.

Nigel van der Horst

What an energetic appearance is this young guy. Arie Boomsma (the text writer of the article in Mens Health NL), immediately said: “Now you have nice hair to work with.” Nigel told me that he just came back from the UAE. When he walked in he took a vapour of perfume with him. As an Arabian sheik he roamed around the studio. I could not prevent myself from asking if he wore Arab perfume. He told me that he just came back from a fantastic project. Nigel has recently been discovered on Instagram and was asked to create a menu card with his own recipes for a restaurant in Dubai. With great hospitability he had been received. Nigel inspired me because he told me that he purely does what he likes and he is now reaping the fruits. Suddenly his success went fast. Within a short period, he was approached by a publisher to write a cooking book. This also gave me the energy to continue my passion: to make a name as a makeup artist.

Tim Haars

Nice guy and same age as I am. He is a Dutch actor and TV host. I know his face but his name I did not know immediately. I actually don’t watch Dutch TV. I only watch Netflix at the moment. And yes of course the Dutch news sometimes!

Tim is a bit ruddy and had been sitting in the sun just like Jelmer. It’s not easy to touch up a red skin. Tim did a low-carb diet to get his body ready for the shoot. Right after the shoot, I saw Tim enjoying some long missed carbs by eating a sandwich. The low carb diet had ended immediately.

I have stunning photo material to share in my next blogpost. So I see you next time.

Xx Vandana


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