Makeup can take-off more than 30 years with great photographers, according tot the pictures below!

Oh, actually for a long long time I do things with makeup! For years I am working as a makeup artist but only sinds a year I have decided to take my passion to a higher level! I decided to become a certified makeup artist from Dik Peeters in Amsterdam. Since then a lot of things changed!

One of my first makeup jobs after I got my certificate was working with students of the University of Applied Photography from Amsterdam. This assignment was beneficial to everybody’s portfolio, mine as well as the photographer and the models.

I responded to an email which was sent out by the makeup school. First I did not get any reaction. Then the owner of the makeup school Amber, taught me to send out a more enthusiastic mail and also some portfolio material attached. When I did like she said, I got the assignment! That was a good tip to use. Since then I  became more enthusiastic in emails and sent out more of my portfolio material.

What I really like about makeup school is that I got a lot of new useful contacts. I still get assignments from makeup artists from my class of former teachers. A precious network I would say.

For the shoots I went to the north part of Holland in the middle of the meadows. The location was a bed and breakfast with many elements of the fifties and sixties. An old tram, bus, train and bus shelter. There were even old timers! A perfect location for this shoot.

I met Annemieke Tip, an other makeup artist from my school who was still doing the course. We had a wonderful click. We worked together with the makeup and hairstyling for this shoot. Annemieke looks very young but is al ready a mom of 5. She brought a lot of stuff for the styling of the hair. Bags full of accesories, curling irons etc.


It was amazing how people transformed. I did the makeup of an older lady, Ingrid (50+). I actually did not know how it would turn out to be. But with the right makeup and good photographers she was stunning next tot the 30 years younger Hasan (see last 2 pics). No one noticed the age gap on the pictures. What do you think? Hasan is a young guy of 20. He is photogenic and works hard on his portfolio. He wants to act in commercials. Then there was an other younger lady who’s makeup was done by Annemieke. Her name is Ella and she looked amazing on the pics. What stroke me the most is how ordinairy looking people could transform into movie stars. With the right styling, makeup and good photographers.

Conclusion: For good portfolio material it’s recommended to work together with students of a professional photo school. These jobs are often unpaid but a great investment for experiences and getting new contacts. And yes, you get paid with professional useful pictures which will help you along the way.

Model Ingrid:

Make up: Vandana

Haar: Annemieke en Vandana

Model Hasan:

Make up: Vandana

Hair: Annemieke en Vandana

Model Ella

Make up: Annemieke

Hair: Annemieke

Photo credits: Bart de Ruiter, Bart Kamphuis, Yvond de Ruiter, Jamila Bou Chamach, Lars Kramer, Lisa Aalbers

Bart_de_Ruiter-02 Bart_de_Ruiter-04 Bart_Kamphuis_02 Bart_Kamphuis_04 Bart_Kamphuis_08ivon_de_ruiter_01 ivon_de_ruiter_03 ivon_de_ruiter_07 ivon_de_ruiter_08 Jamila_Bou_Chamach_01 Jamila_Bou_Chamach_03 Jamila_Bou_Chamach_04 Lars_Kramer Lisa-Aalbers-001 Lisa-Aalbers-004




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