She was stylist as well model for this shoot, and she runs her own fashion business!

Hey you,

Did you take a look at my previous blog post? This post was about photographer Cinta and model Cerise. Well this post is about Maartje, the other model of the shoot. I know Maartje from mutual friends. The fancy clothes she wears always always catches my attention. She told me about her clothing company which she runs together with her sister. Because we did not have a stylist, I thought about Maartje for the ‘Red Fashion Shoot’ we planned. It’s not Maartje’s profession to be a stylist, but she sells what she likes and has a big collection at home. She took a big suitcase with so many useful items.

The most incredible pics were taken of Maartje (and of course of the other model, Cerise). Maartje claimed that she is not that photogenic. Well that is not true at all. Beautiful shots were taken. Shall I use Maartje as stylist more often? Well I hope she wants to.

Maartje tells something about herself below:

“My name is Maartje Nispel, 28 years old and during my study psychology and business administration I have founded Season Sister Sales. Together with my exactly 7 years older sister, (yes we both celebrate our birthday at 04-08), we thought out a kind of pop-up concept. Every season, 2 weeks in a row, we sell the newest fashion at the same location. Four times per year our shop has a total new collection. We do the purchasing ourselves. That’s how we are able to sell with a lot of passion. We purchase what we like ourselves and we become very happy if people leave our shop with a smile. We think it’s very important that our clients feel welcome at our shop.

Besides Season Sister Sale, I work 3 days as a controller of a real estate company. The variety with Season Sister Sale is very nice. While I only work with women at Season Sister Sale, I only work with men in my office job. During and before a Sale, I make a lot of hours, but I do it with a lot of pleasure. To make people happy, makes me happy. I will make sure to hold on to this for a long time.

Curious about Season Sister Sale? Take a look at our website:  or check our Facebook or Instagram.” 

Hopefully Maartje discovered some new qualities in herself after this shoot. She is a great model, I saw this already on Instagram. Keep up the good work, Maartje! I would love to visit your sale one day.

With love, Vandana

Photo credits: Cinta Janssens

Hair and makeup: Vandana Goerdat

In the pictures below, Maartje shows items of Season Sister Sales

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