An interview with makeup artist Zarai Korver.

Hi all,

One of the nicest things of being a makeup artist is that you meet so many different people. During the make up course I got the chance to meet lots of new people. One of my favorite colleagues is Zarai Korver. We are still in touch and update each other with our makeup artistry career.

Zarai had a good grade for her exam. I was always fascinated by her drive towards perfection. I saw for example how she planned out her make up exam in the finest details. Writing down every color in detail she needed.

I just do not believe in competition in this field. We all have our own style and besides that, we just don’t fit with each assignment. Anyone should create his or her own path. I just dislike people who are unfriendly or who seem to be backstabbers … I think that everyone can achieve a lot as long as you help each other. In this blog post I interview one of my favorite colleague makeup artists. We are still in touch and keep each other up to date.

Zarai Korver

Zarai, I was wondering why you did the choose to do the makeup course at Dik Peeters?

Well I have always wanted to do a makeup course, but always postponed it for years. Because I was either busy with work or with my job. When my my son was born, I made the choice to stop working. After 5 years I felt like doing something and I immediately thought about the makeup artist course. Long time ago my sister volunteered as a model at Dik Peeters. So for many years I was familiar with this make up school. When I heard that the course was only 13 weeks and only 1 day in the week, the choice was easily made.

And… what did you do before? 

I did a lot: among other things I was a flight attendant, shop manager at shops of big brands, I was a teacher in school, I have worked as an intermediary; …. briefly, I did a lot.

What are your ambitions?

I never had big ambitions. I still don’t have them. I like my work as makeup artist very much. I would love really to do paid assignments for photoshoots, fashion shows etc.

Indeed, it’s hard to get paid assignments.

What of your work makes you the most proud?

Well, I am very proud of the fashion show of MAFB where I was a part of. MAFB is an organization which gives a platform to young talents. I created the makeup and hairstyling of the models myself. OO wow, and not to forget the compliment Ellis Faas gave me (see picture below) on my photo upload in the Dik Peeters FB group, which was inspired by her.

Wow Zarai, keep the good work up! You can reach far!

With love, Vandana

The pictures below are highlights of Zarai’s portfolio:

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