good smoothie recipes

On this lovely Friday I want to share with you my morning rituals.

I love to make smoothies in the morning. That’s why I want to share with you some good smoothie recipes. I often make a mix of veggies and fruit. It depends what I have in my fridge and what season it is. Currently in Israel it’s the season of pomegranates. I love to drink this pure juice.

pomegranate-open-196800_1920 I often read in diet books that you should eat not fruits on an empty stomach, which has something to do with possible rotting in the stomach, which leads to no or less absorption of the vitamins from fruits than if you should eat fruits in for example a meal, with meat or with bread. However many websites seem to have different opinions about this. So I don’t know if it is a myth to eat fruits on empty stomach or there is some truth in it.

According to Janneke van der Ven, a certified health coach, our body absorbs vitamins faster once eaten on empty stomach. If fruits are eaten in a meal with whole wheat or/and fat, the absorption of vitamins from fruits goes slower.

I like to eat fruits separately in the morning. I sometimes combine it with veggies in a smoothie but I never combine fruits with other meals, only with some types of veggies or/and seeds.

The reason why I start my day with a mix of fresh fruits and veggies is to be sure that I get my daily intake of vitamins and minerals. It’s just another morning ritual.

One of my good smoothie recipes is:

  • 1 Carrot
  • 2 cucumbers
  • 1 Apple
  • A handful of cranberries

Another one of the good smoothie recipes:

  • 1 Banana
  • 1 Apple
  • 1 Piece of avocado
  • 1 Pear
  • A handful of cranberries
  • Flaxseed (which contain a lot of healthy components like Omega 3)
  • A handful of fresh baby leaves (young green leaves)

good smoothie recipes

In the picture below I made a simple smoothie with:

  • 1 Kiwi
  • 1 Apple
  • 1 Cucumber
  • Some flaxseed


Just use and simple hand whisk (see the picture below) and blend all you favourite ingredients into a delicious and healthy smoothie. Cheers!

good smoothie recipes

I hope I have given you some inspiration for good smoothie recipes!

good smoothie recipesWith love, Vandana.

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4 Comments on good smoothie recipes

  1. Vlijtig Liesje
    18 October 2015 at 06:20 (4 years ago)

    Grappig dat al die verschillende fruit en groente, in verschillende kleuren, uiteindelijk een groene smoothie opleveren. Het ziet er supergezond uit.

    • Vandana
      18 October 2015 at 12:56 (4 years ago)

      Dank voor je comment. Die smootie was gemaakt met komkommers, kiwi en een appel 😉

  2. gea
    2 November 2015 at 15:54 (4 years ago)

    Lijkt me echt heerlijk, zelf maak ik ook regelmatig smoothies.

    • Vandana
      2 November 2015 at 16:08 (4 years ago)

      Dank Gea, ja ze zijn ook erg lekker!


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