Fotoshoot with top athletes for Arie Boomsma’s column in Men’s Health.

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In my recent writings I focus more on people who I work with, as you might have noticed. I am very fascinated by people; thanks to my work I get in touch with a lot of inspiring people. This time top athletes. Good vibes only :). In this post I want to tell you about the super fun ‘working’ day with Marije Solomon- Boomsma, her brother Arie Boomsma (Dutch TV presenter) and some other great team members. For this blog post I focus on Marije.

Men’s Health NL

Nowadays Arie Boomsma creates a column in Men’s Health where he gives a platform to men to tell about their bodies, the way they work out and why they do that. Marije Solomon-Boomsma – his sister and his manager – asked me if I could take care of the makeup and hair for this photo shoot. This seemed to me a new challenge because now I had to handle top athletes. Yuri van Gelder (Dutch gymnast) and Jaco Poot (Dutch champion callenetics) were being photographed. With foundation I corrected uneven skin tones, fixed their hair with gel and greased their killer bodies with baby oil. Not a bad job at all.


Marije and I got connected through a mutual friend. We lived in Israel at the same time with an Israeli partner, and this created a bond. We spoke to each other about working permits etc. I used to follow her on different social media. I saw that she made in credible pics in – for example – Tel Aviv. Marije used to work in Israel for a marketing company and lived in Petach Tikwa, a big city not far from Tel Aviv. I lived in the north, in a city called Haifa. We never actually never met in Israel. I thought it was kind of sad when I heard that she was leaving Israel. As many – mainly western – immigrants, Marije returned to The Netherlands. Happily, her husband joined her. Unfortunately, I returned without partner. I understood Marije’s reasons to leave ‘The Land flowing with Milk and Honey’. Lot’s of young people – locals but mainly new immigrants – have hard times with the socio economical situation in Israel. Hard work, little money, little vacation days and oh… everything is so expensive in Israel.

Marije is settled in Amsterdam and works as a manager for her brother Arie. She told me a big advantage are short lines between them. So they can switch fast between the two of them. I can really understand this. Above all, I think it must be comfortable for Arie having a close family member working with him.

On the day of the photo shoot for Men’s Health, I saw Marije in real life. A beautiful tall girl and a colorful appearance in clothing. Her clothing has strong colors and she wears big ‘ethnic’ jewelry. Marije and I could not stop talking about Israel! I felt so much welcomed by her and her brother. There was delicious food and most important: a relaxed atmosphere. Arie emphasized the importance to create a relaxed atmosphere. Because the athletes had to be photographed without their over clothes. Arie wanted them to feel comfy.

Marije looks like the perfect manager. She makes sure people feel comfortable, switches fast and seems to be a centipede. If one day Beauty Laws becomes very big, I also want her as my manager!

With love, Van


Arie Boomsma (Column writer of Men’s Health NL), Marije Solomon-Boomsma (producer), Annemarie Dekkers (photographer), Maartje Strijbis (assistent photographer), Yuri van Gelder (model), Jacco Poot (model), en Vandana Goerdat (makeup and hair).

The pictures below are taken by Maartje Strijbis.





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