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And there I could ‘makeup’ again! A few weeks ago Zoubida, Annemieke, and I (Vandana) were making up some models with black light makeup for young designer Sierano Blankendal. The fashion show was held in Club Air (Amsterdam). It was – among others – organized by MAFB, a platform for young designers. With this fashion show, Sierano gave a preview of his label, named: “Past Class”. Ohhh what a hectic night and therefore I did not have the chance to talk to the designer. Now that the pictures were sent to us, I was very curious about the designer and asked him the following questions.

Sierano, why did you want to become a designer?

For many years I had affinity with creating things. I wanted to express my creativity. I felt very comfy with creating fashion. Cloths are reflexing identity, for example of thoughts of people. The beautiful thing about fashion is that you can play with your identity like I did in my first collection.

And where do you study?

If it comes to fashion, like one says, I am an autodidact. I am not engaged in an established fashion school. At the moment I am a Lifestyle Informatics student at the university in Amsterdam. This study is a combination between psychology and ICT. Haha, something very different than fashion. I am planning to combine my study with designing in the near future. I already have an idea how I will do this, but I keep it a secret.

Secret?? I love secrets…

I asked him what his most impressive design is…

My most impressive design is my last one. It is a bag which one can convert to a coat. The outside of the bag forms the inside of the coat and inside of the coat forms the outside of the bag. I think this is pretty cool because the outer part of the bag is made of a soft material which you don’t get to see often. The outer part of the coat (and the trousers) are made of water- and dust repellent material.

Makeup + hair artist pictures above: Zarai Korver

Ok, interesting, but where do you leave your stuff when do you leave your stuff if you convert the bag into the coat? 😉

What did you want to demonstrate with the MAFB fashion show?

During the MAFB fashion show I showed my first collection. I wanted to show the first chapter of my label. I created my label “Past Class” to show collections in the form of stories. These stories form chapters and these chapters form books. These books are about a certain concept. The first chapter and also the first collection are about the existence of humanity. (Based on modern history from my own interpretation).

During the show in Club Air, I showed 2 mini collections. The first collection is my “Time line collection” this one is based on the historical period:

Prehistory, Medieval period, and Modern times. It is a small preview of the collections to be launched.

During the show I used dancers. The idea behind this idea is the historical phenomenon that dancers honor the ancestors.

And what about your ambitions?

My ambition on the longer term is to grow in my qualities. As audidact you are not being taught in theory how the fashion world works until you actually started as a designer. I have started 6 months ago and noticed it’s a lot of extra work when one becomes a designer. If you really want to reach far and to reach your goals, you have to invest a lot of time, money and love to do it.

What do ‘Beauty Laws’ mean for you?

I don’t think I have Beauty Laws. But if I have to mention one it is: ‘Be the best you can be.’ For me nothing is greater than something you can completely give yourself for, whatever this may be. I get inspiration in every form of art. It is great to see how other people express their feelings. So do what you want to do, as good as you can. #BeautyLaws.

Keep the good work up Sierano, you will reach far one day.

With love, Vandana


Sierano Blankendal 

Carmen Hogenelst 

Darina Miller 

Steve Biko 

Fabien Elise 

Refelinio Esajas

Makeup and hair:

Zoubida Bouhayoufi 

Annemieke Tip 

Vandana Goerdat 



Sensemielja Sumter 

Nigel Alba 

Tiam Eslami 

Tissan Lorenzo 

Marcelino Soesman 

Ziqeurnia Abiaka 

Safaida Hard 


Cherello With (With Photography) 

Jennifer With (With Photography) 

Charida Oughmar (Into Creations)





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