My red hot lips…

Last weekend I spent some quality time with my brother and a friend in The Hague, the Netherlands. We visited ‘the Frick collection’ and saw some master pieces of art. On my way back I couldn’t resist visiting cosmetic shop Lush where products are made by hand and on site. When I used to live in the Netherlands, I would stop by for a quick visit, inhaled the irresistible smell of fruits and other beautiful ingredients, looked around, would look at piles of colourful soap and go home.

For some reason I never bought anything there. However this time I bought such a nice product! It is a fresh handmade liquid lipstick with jojoba oil, rose wax and candelilla wax. I tried the lipstick on and was sold. I think I have never before had this kind of intense red lipstick in my make up collection. It almost radiates light, that is how intense this colour is. The lipstick feels incredibly comfortable and weightless on the lips. However, the disadvantage is that it comes off very easily if you apply too much. So do not use too much, it’s a lip stain therefore you should leave it to dry and then (if you wish) apply a gloss. The jojoba oil soaks the product into the lips and the rose wax holds it.



Georgina, the lovely sales assistant gave me a lot of useful information and some nice samples to try. One was sultana of soap, a creamy soap packed with dried fruit and bergamot oil for a fruity delicious fragrance. It’s definitely an experience using a block of soap again after so many years of only using liquid soap. But my hands love it and want to try more of these soap blocks.



Georgina gave me also a moisturiser and said:

“It’s honey and orange blossom scent starts your day off like a warm spring morning.”

I am very loyal to my daily facial products, but decided to try this moisturiser for a few days. The intense orangey smell was overwhelming the first day, as I only use fragrance-free facial moisturisers. I believe it is a natural ingredient that causes this smell and I now think this scent is amazing. In general I would say that for a normal skin type it is a great product which feels comfortable, is easily absorbed and leaves the skin smooth. Georgina told me also a very nice story about this ‘gorgeous moisturiser’ which goes as follows:

“The moisturizer was formulated for Princess Diana, as she had sensitive skin. It uses cold pressed oils which soak into the skin and hold all the day long.”

I would like to thank lovely Georgina for her great assistance while shopping and for helping me with this post.

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4 Comments on My red hot lips…

  1. Kiran
    28 March 2015 at 21:43 (5 years ago)

    Love reading about your experiences Van. Thanks for sharing!!

    • vgoerdat
      28 March 2015 at 22:55 (5 years ago)

      Thanks Kir! I will keep you up to date!

  2. Jouvence
    14 May 2015 at 18:51 (5 years ago)

    de lipstain is erg mooi van kleur, lekker fel ♥

    • vgoerdat
      15 May 2015 at 10:04 (5 years ago)

      Dank voor je reactie! Idd lekker fel en blijft best goed zitten!


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