About the food blogger

Ow Yes, I have some great facts to share about new food blogger Sharita!

Sharita Raktoe was born in the Netherlands and lived some years in Surinam as a young kid. Now Sharita has lived in Curacao for almost 5 years.

Sharita studied at Leiden University and became a lawyer. (An other reason why she joined BeautyLAWS.) Currenty she is working as a legal director at a trust office in Curacao.

How I met Sharita? Sharita and I became friends (at Leiden University) and roommates. During our time when we lived together in the center of Amsterdam we used to be busy with food all the time! We created amazing dishes. We just love healthy and varied food. Our Surinamese roots also play a role in the dishes we create for this blog as well as the influences of the areas we currently live in (the Middle East and the Caribbean).

As said, Sharita has a big passion for cooking and photography and since October 2015 she is in charge of the food department of Beautylaws.

Please enjoy these delicious recipes and let us know when you made one!


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