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Hey you!

Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Vandana Goerdat. People call me Van. I was born and raised in Holland. I have lived in Israel for some years and am back in The Netherlands now.

I graduated from law school in 2006. During my law studies at Leiden University (the Netherlands) I worked in a luxury cosmetics shop at Amsterdam airport during the weekends. After my studies I mostly worked in the financial field, but started to realise that during my part-time job I truly fulfilled my passion. I could never forget this precious period working in this ‘candy shop’ full of luxury cosmetics. And you know what? The products I sold best were the ones I loved myself. I was so addicted to make-up and skincare that after an 8-hour working day I would visit the competitor in the area to do some further browsing and shopping. After four years, when my studies were in their final stage, I had to quit my dream job and became an office girl.

My girlfriends and former roommates always say how much they miss my live beauty tricks and tips! I now want to take you with me on my journey in life and reveal some of my tips and tricks to look and feel good. I just became a certified make-up artist and current started a hair styling course. Please follow me on my journey to become a high level makeup and hair stylist. So many new assignments and they are all little adventures!

With love, Van

First picture: Made my Martina Novak

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2 Comments on About me

    • vgoerdat
      9 June 2015 at 19:04 (5 years ago)

      Beste Engel,

      Dank voor je bericht! Ik heb je toegevoegd op Linked In!

      Groet, Vandana


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