A very fun day with fasion startup Bearley!

As I said in the blogpost of last week, I am keen again on blogging! I have so many nice assignments, there is so much to blog about.

Varisha is the one who gave me this assignment. She is a very sweet girl. I know her from my childhood. She always has been a very hard worker and had an amazing career in retail. She finally now has her own business. She started with her own bakery and created beautiful cakes but has now her own marketing and pr-activities for herself and external clients.


The fashion startup Bearley came up with an assignment to launch this smooth brand. Bearley is featuring itself with a striking logo on it’s casual cloths for a young energetic audience. Freedom and fun are defenitely keywords when I see this brand. Varisha organised this shoot with a few amazing young people. There were 4 of them. They were not all experienced with modelling, but they were all very photogenic.

Varisha chooses for very normal people in her business. You don’t need to be a professional model, she thinks. I think she has a point and think that a clothing brand like Bearney can also make a profit from this point of view. Wouldn’t they reach a lot of people?


Meet the models:


I could completely go loose on stunning model Souhela. She is 16 years old and sitting in a wheelchair because of a handicap she was born with. With fantasy makeup I gave her a playful look. I was happy that Souhela liked it herself very much. The look matched very well with the graffity background for the photoshoot.

IMG_0818 IMG_0814 IMG_0696

Handsome Stefan has some experience as a model and has built a great portfolio. He is very busy with his model carreer and this shoot fits him very well. He showed fancy casual clothing. And ofcourse, I kept his makeup very basic.


Fenice is a beautiful young woman. She even is a mother of a child. I made glamour makeup on her and coloured her full lips.

IMG_0754 IMG_0899

For pretty model Jennah I could use strong colours. She has a cool look. I created awesome lips, from red to pink.


And a cousin of Varisha:


All pics are taken by Fardien Dino Abdoelrazak

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